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Unwanted Trees
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Millions of trees cut and counting...

Unwanted Trees

patent #7243691


Your Easy Solution for Unwanted Trees and Bushes…

If you’ve had it with unwanted trees and bushes taking over you’re pastures and land , we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With a combination of sharp blades and the gradual taper of the V, Vcutters slice through trees quickly and easily.

How Does It Work?

From half an inch in diameter to eight inches, from Ironwood trees to Yucca plants, Vcutters can cut almost any tree or brush. The blades on the Vcutters are the lowest part of the machine, and the design of the Vcutter allows for tremendous power and easy cutting without the need for a great amount of speed.

Typical hydraulic tree shears work good for cutting larger trees but are just too slow for cutting smaller trees and brush. The Vcutters patented V cutting design has no moving parts but rather uses the forward motion of the skid steer or tractor to shear the tree. This allows the Vcutter to cut trees quicker than any other product.

Which Vcutter is Right for You?

Original Vcutter – This Vcutter can cut up to 8” diameter trees and has a unique vertical grapple that keeps the cut trees standing and easily transported to a pile.

VGrapple – With the VGrapple you can grab and carry trees, branches, hay bales and any other material you need to move without the tree shears affecting your grappling, and when you need to cut a tree the vcutter is there ready to cut.

Fenceline Vcutter – This Vcutter has no grapple but is perfect for cutting under fences and works great on smaller machines and tractor front end loaders.

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