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Q. How do the Vcutters cut trees?
A. All three models cut trees the same way, with fixed blades that do no move but rather use the forward motion of the skid steer to shear the tree. The combination of the sharp blades and the gradual taper of the (V) allow the Vcutters to slice through trees quite easily and very quickly.

Q. How close to the ground do the Vcutters cut?
A. At ground level to just below, the blades are the lowest part of the machines so getting a low cut is very easy to do.

Q. What size of trees will the Vcutters cut?
A. From half inch in diameter to eight inches in diameter.

Q. How long do the blades last?
A. Thousands of trees between sharping.

Q. How are the blades sharpened?
A. The best way is to take the five plow bolts off that hold the blade to the machine. Then clamp the blade to a work bench and use a hand held grinder with a sandpaper flap disk.

Q. What types of trees will the Vcutters cut?
A. The Vcutters will cut all types of trees and brush. From Ironwood trees to Yucca plants Vcutters and there customers have cut a wide range of trees and brush.

Q. I already have a root grapple but I want a Vgrapple what should I do?
A. Sell your grapple! It should be easy to do grapples generally hold their value very well. If you donít want to sell you grapple yourself give us a call and we will give you a trade in price.

Q. How long have the Vcutters been around?
A. The Vcutters have been sold commercially since 2006.

Q. What is the warranty on the Vcutter?
A. The Vcutters have a one year warranty and the hydraulic cylinders have a lifetime warranty.

Q. What size of machine do I need to use Vcutter.
A. The Fenceline and the Original Vcutters work great on smaller machines 40hp and up. The Vgrapple needs a bigger machine just due to its weight.

Q. Do I need to hit the tree with a lot of speed when using the Vcutters?
A. No the design of the Vcutter and the tremendous pushing power of skid steers allow it to shear trees without a lot of speed.

Q. Will the Vcutter work on my tractor front end loader?
A. Yes depending on you loader mounts if it has the skid steer style mounts it will go right on. For other mounts (hayspear.com) sells adaptors that go from most mounts to the skid steer style

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