Original Vcutter $3995.00

For cutting and gathering trees, this ones hard to beat!

SHEARING: The original VCutter cuts trees very quickly and easily. Just line up the V with a tree and drive forward. The tree is cut at or below ground level. The cut tree is securely held by the grapple arms.

GRAPPLING: The original VCutter has a unique vertical grapple that keeps the cut trees standing. This allows more trees to be piled into its grapple arms, and keeps the cut trees out of the cutting path. The vertical grapple also keeps the machine narrow to allow it to work well in tight clusters of trees. This multi-purpose attachment provides its owners with great value and pride of ownership. If you buy this attachment, we guarantee that you will be very happy with the construction, quality, and above all else the usefulness.

SPECIFICATIONS: Cuts up to 8 diameter trees. Trees cut at or below ground level Long lasting high carbon steel blades.
Weight 600 lbs
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