Vgrapple $4995.00

Two great attachments in one Grapple and Tree Shear!

SHEARING: The VGrapple cuts trees very quickly and easily. Just line up the V with a tree and drive forward. The tree is cut at or below ground level. The cut trees are easily secured by the grapple claws.

GRAPPLING: The VGrapple works just like any other heavy duty brush grapple in that you can grab and carry trees, branches, hay bales, and any other material you need to move without the tree shear affecting your grappling. The best part is whenever there is a tree that needs to be removed the shear is there ready to cut. This multi-purpose attachment provides its owners with great value and pride of ownership. If you buy this attachment, we guarantee that you will be very happy with the construction, quality, and above all else the usefulness.

SPECIFICATIONS: Cuts up to 8 diameter trees Tine thickness Trees cut at or below ground level Tine depth 38 Long lasting high carbon steel blades Tine height 5 Weight 1100 lbs Tine spacing 8 Width - 72 inches

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